Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kill with skill

Ahoy mateys,
This post might not be for the faintest of hearts but I really thought I needed to share this. Beware 'cos this scurvy fun be perilously contagious! Hold on to yer rum and take a bite o' this, because here comes Bulletstorm!

A while ago I started hearing from this new 1st person shooter called Bulletstorm and after being let down because of some of the other generic fps's in which the story goes something like this: enemies attack, hunt down the enemies, save planet. All of this was of course located in the near future or the world wars. With these experiences behind me I got to tell you, my hopes were at the grass-level.

Somehow I still found myself reading into this game. Might be because somewhere I read that in the game there was (brace yourselves) PIRATES! My interest rose like the jolly roger down in my pa... ahem... well anyway I started reading more and more, mainly on kotaku and noticed that the game wasn't all serious like the mainstream fps games nowadays. The thought of pirates kept me interested in the game for the long wait until the release date. The time was finally upon me...

The graphics were neat and while it looked really really nice on max settings, it didn't kick my computers ass. In fact it ran really smoothly. The orange to brown colour theme made me think it'll look dull but it worked quite well actually. I guess a wider colour palette would have looked a bit out of place.

But seriously I gotta tell you this game had THE funniest dialogue I've ever seen. As seen in the video embedded a person called 'Dick' is a big part of the game, though I never of caught a glimpse of him in-game... Odd. Anyway, I pretty much laughed my way through most of the game and every time a new hilariously named skill-shot was unlocked the many ways you could actually resolve a fight increased and increased. So replayability is definitely not an issue in this scurvy adventure of butt kicking joy. The main character is a battle hardened and rugged space pirate with a big problem with his drinking, so you can only guess what complications this can cause. I won't tell much about the  story here :)

 In case you are wondering what these so-called skillshots are, let me tell you now. As one of the lines in marketing this over the top shooter is "Kill with skill". This means that if you execute a kill on an enemy in a way that takes more skill than just spraying and praying, you get extra points. These points can be spent on more ammo, new weapons and more upgrades. These all of course unlock more and more new skillshots to gain. This doesn't work if you just spam a certain skillshot on enemies, nope, you only get the full amount of points once -- when you unlock it the first time. Skillshots like "rear entry", which can be quite a pain in the ass sometimes (you'll understand if you can guess what you have to do to gain it.), and "mercy" as described in the picture on the upper right grant you a lot of points and might give you the much needed wtf-experience lacking in games today.
Also if you like bossfights on an epic scale, you'll be pleased with what (surprise surprise) Epic Games has created.

I enjoyed this game really much, I suggest you check the demo out if you need Duke Nukem- like shooting fun. A good (and not easily offended) sense of humour goes a long way too. Bulletstorm also has online co-op so get yer jolly friends over and clash yer pints o' rum together!

-Captain Gnyrll


  1. I'm YTing more about this now =]

  2. Hmm, looks like a pretty interesting game, I'll look into it! =D

  3. Dialogue MADE this game, no doubt, the awesome explosions and stuff were an added perk.

  4. Sounds random and interesting at same time :o
    Gotta check this game.