Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sandbox anyone?

Well, as my first blog entry I thought I'd start talking about creativity in games. Games like Garry's mod and Minecraft are of course well known and the upcoming From Dust are one of those games where possibilities tend to be unlimited in what you can do.
Fans of the genre (like me) are a big bunch but theres so many people out there who don't like these types of games at all. A friend of mine while hearing a lot of praising and hype about Minecraft asked me while I was showing him the game: "So whats the goal in this game? What do you try to accomplish?" I was confused and while trying to mumble something like "Well you like build stuff and... you know.. get wood by punching and stuff i guess" his reaction signaled me the lack of interest. Well I guess some  people never got into legos either when they were little am I right? :)
How do you explain the interest in free roam sandbox games then? Beats me

Anyway i thought i'd link some funny things i've done/come across in these games with few limited possibilities. :)
I guess you could make a whole new blog about these but these are just some of my favourites, enjoy my minions.... FEAST!

 So... yeah... It's a guy shooting pew pew lasers from his crotch. What's not to like? Made this the second day I got my hands on gmod :) Gotta love that funky pose too

Ahh... Minecraft... Nice house but that's why i build mine out of cobblestone :) Sucks to be him LOL!

Feel free to tell about your own sandbox adventures! So long for today!

Cheers ,


  1. That sucks for him that his house is on fire

  2. I don't really get the fascination with minecraft. It looks kinda shit really. GMod is awesome :D

  3. I agree with you mark on the graphics, it's the only thing i don't like about minecraft really :/
    But what's there to do when creating indie games?
    On another note it might be appealing to some retro gamers :)

  4. minecarft is such a creative game. so many options

  5. Too bad I can't run this game... :(

  6. Sandbox games r the best ones :D but too bad that friends dont like any of them :/