Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dragon age poo?

So that is what they call periods?
What's up,
Kinda promised to write something today, so here goes.
If someone has already touched Dragon age 2 and played the first one in the series, they'll notice that the game has changed quite a bit... WHY?

Dragon age origins was an awesome game, I needed a RPG at the time and hey, it delivered. Nice graphics, good story and dialogue and fast, but at the same time strategic gameplay. Atleast on the more higher difficulties... Yes im looking at you Brood Mother.  Hated her so much. But a fine lady, eh?

It was still a double edged sword though. You can't make a perfect game now can you? Things I didn't enjoy were the stupid blood splatters staying on the characters, the lack of voice acting on  my main character in dialogue (and repeating the same sentences in fights like a robot), and the dull colours. Can I get some more colour up in this bitch?

But enough of that.  This is Dragon Age 2 people. So... ok... mass effect 2 in a fantasy scene? Cool but why would you do such a thing? Why change a game that was fairly unique and dumb it down to mass effectyness. Its like you took 2 different dishes of food which both are tasty (damn im so hungry) and just mixed them up in a blender so they look the same. I think Mr. Hitler would like to have a say in this, play him off H!

But no one can say that the games I have enjoyed the most in the 2000's, Mass Effects, didn't make a good and entertaining package. So why is it a bad choice to copy pasta (maybe Italian today?) something that works and use it in another game? It's not like it hasn't been done before, right? Yes yes... true. BUT WHY DO THAT IN A GAME THAT WORKS FINE IN ITS ORIGINAL FORMULA? *sigh* Too tired to hear all the game companies in the world singing in a choir: "We're just making this more appealing to a broader bunch of customers." Why is it always the sweet sweet gold people?  I think bioware is a bunch of leprechauns.

Haven't played through this yet, but with the experience so far... Its just not that good anymore. I don't think they even upgraded the graphics that much, except on the characters. It is though more colourful. No more brown (mmm... chocolate pudding) and gray colours in every zone. And so far I haven't found the need to even once pause the game to give orders and such. Derp... just derp. Maybe this is truly the era of facerolling console RPGs.  Take your controllers... steady now... and ram it up yer soggy face. May the god of PC gaming bless us.



  1. Good post mate. Unfortunately the days of PC gaming are coming to an end, games are being made for the consoles and then ported to the PC I guess we will just have to live with Sony and Microsoft's scraps......

  2. I'll have to agree with you completely, I was quite disappointed at how DA2 played. Stopped after 2 minutes of gameplay.

  3. interesting thoughts. i'll think twice and do a little more research before i buy this game now

  4. Yeah I quit DA2 very quickly. Luckily I had torrented it, so its not like I wasted a lot of money.

  5. Ah, too bad, I had high hopes for this one after Origins.

  6. I likd the game ok, but it did not delivier what I thought it would. Sadly, was so promising

  7. I'm not a huge gamer, but I'll be sure to check in!! Following!