Monday, August 15, 2011

I feel like its missing something

The trend in games nowadays seems to be stuffing online stores with huge amounts of downloadable content, which you usually have to pay for. But where goes the line between paying for extra content and content that you would think to get when you buy the game itself.

Usually DLC is just a crappy pack of side missions for 5€ or a load of extra multiplayer maps. But lately there's been a lot of fuss about DLC being too pricy or restricting the gaming experience for non-buyers. I can easily imagine the player base of any generic online fps game moving onto greener pastures, aka fresh new maps for the extra price.

But why not just release the content on launch? I know they develop the content while the game has already launched, but that is like showing a movie and showing the audience an additional scene afterwards... oh yeah, they actually do that.

But seriously for example take this link, it's about the upcoming game Space Marine which co-op multiplayer is being released later on cause they can't get it ready for the release date. I mean, what is the hurry here? I don't think a little delay would brake that many balls...

Though it would brake mine.


  1. And this is why I love Valve. They won't release something unless it's perfect and all DLC is free. :)

  2. I think for the most part, DLC is more a situation of the first picture in that comic than the second.

    DLC is mostly extra missions, maps, etc. This means it isn't necessary to be released at launch rather than releasing it later. Although the idea of making you pay, no matter how much it is, for something that should be part of the game is stupid.

  3. Yea the picture maybe exaggerates a bit but its for comedy purposes :)