Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brotherly love. Part 2

Okay then, time for part 2 people, hope you changed into your rage diapers cos its time for talk about AC: Brotherhood online multiplayer. And everyone knows what online multiplayer brings with them. Oh yeah, time for pwnage, AC style.

Yea, I make that face too everytime I kill someone
The internet is filled with online multiplayer fps's and the like with games like the Call of Duty, Battlefield and Medal of Honor series, but for the first time an assassination game involving close combat (well mostly atleast) and sneakyness is introduces via Brotherhood. Its unique way of playing with game modes like wanted where you hunt and are hunted and basic capture the something with the goal being not to be noticed at any times is interesting and rushing with your team will not usually work out. But mostly, it's just you alone. Climbing the rooftops and such. But no spiderman shit. Well, maybe just a little bit.

I'll translate the rage: "who invented this shit??!?!"
And like no online fps goes without its own noobtube, Brotherhoods multiplayer has its own too. The gun that you unlock fairly early in leveling is so retarded in my opinion. It doesn't fit into the stealthy gameplay at all. But to compensate its way of not taking any skill to use, you get only 100pts from the kill, which is the lowest. Though I feel like the punishment the guy killed from it is way greater than the compensation for gunning a poor fellah down. You lose all your contracts and points while your respawning and on top of all that; it's fucking annoying as hell. For example, I was once getting a sweet aerial incognito 500pt kill, but someone shot me in the back while soaring through the sky like an eagle with holes in its wings. Cool, eh?

While connected to your friends online via any type of voice transmitting, the manhunt multiplayer teamfights are just pure win. WIN I SAY. Everytime me whole team jumps on another teams cluster in hiding with smokebombs, it just gives me that tingling feeling down my pants. Everytime. Though beware of whiners who don't take kindly to newbies who dont cluster in the team modes. I think they just got sand where its not supposed to be.
Remember to watch your behind like you were chased by a mob of butt-pirates!

Also there is a cool customization and leveling system in the Brotherhood multiplayer. You can customize your skills from various unlockables throughout the many many levels available. This keeps the interest well soaked in your rager assassinating funtime. But do me a favour, don't use the gun for killing all the time, it's just wrong people. They shoul've just taken it out or made it that you have to aim it yourself or something. The true highscores come from thrusting your weapon into their faces while they were walking towards you like blind snails, slow and not paying attention.

The things I've said may have left you confused about how the victims don't recognize you walking right next to them. Well, when you choose any type of character, the map is filled with NPCs like you. And yes they don't just move straight, they actually change directions suddenly like a real player would sometimes do. Running and being on top of rooftops is what gives you away. If you are seen, a chase sequence begins where the victim must hide when he is not in the line of sight of the killer. If the escape is succesful, the escapist gains bonus points. This makes it really worthwhile to not always just tunnelvision your assassination contract.

Aside from the gun, the Brothehood multiplayer is one of the most enjoyable experiences in online gaming for me so far. If you can, get your friends to join you and strategize the kills for maximum "lol owned"s. I haven't tested the new downloadable content on the multiplayer yet, but will probably post about it too when I get my hands on it. Have a nice killing spree and keep your "hidden guns" in yer pants boys!

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  1. Wow, I skipped on Brotherhood, but now I'm definitely interested in picking it up. Hope the online is still going strong and not flooded with cheats.

  2. The downloadable content luckily keeps the playerbase solid and there are pretty frequent free patches too which add maps and fix bugs and such. :)

  3. love the pics, following for sure!

  4. AC, i was so close to buy it.. to PC. .but then i tryed it and it suck if you dont get a gamer pad or play on consol...

  5. Those are some interesting ways to die.

  6. Great review, funny pics and cool video.