Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Wadap boys and girls,
Yeah ok.. no AC part 2 yet but in the mean time I thought I'd tell you about GIRP. I read about it on Kotaku and as soon as I read that it's from the creators of QWOP, I just had to try it out.

If you have played QWOP the (retarded?) running simulator game you know that GIRP will deliver some weird damn controls again. Probably that damn rabid badger from the earlier post... Damn that fuzzy-wuzzy friend o' no one. QWOP sure made me lose my mind figuring the running out so what about GIRP?

As I opened GIRP the first time I immediately noticed the lack of fast reactions needed to keep you alive, and the controls aren't that hard to work with this time... but:
I guess I just have bad finger coordination, lol. Well atleast you can take your time... No wait, the water is rising. Shit.

Go try it out here.



  1. That picture is hilarious. Enjoyed the article. Keep em coming.

  2. What, this GIRP is impossible! I can't get past like 2m.

  3. What Ironchefman said.
    Why are my fingers not working D:

  4. Lol. Can't get anywhere on this. :D