Thursday, April 7, 2011

Games I'm looking forward to

Hiya guys!

First of all, I know I haven't been a very good replacement for Gnyrll since I haven't posted anything... but I had exams and I promise I'll be good from now on!

Well anyways, since I am not Gnyrll, my taste in games isn't the same as his. I'm not as fond of PC gaming as he is. I enjoy PS3 the most at the moment and RPGs are my favourites. Aaaand speaking of RPGs, there are some that I'm really looking forward to this year (or at least I hope they will be released soon since some release dates are sadly yet to be announced).

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be the second sequel in FF's history. And as a HUGE fan, I can't help but look forward to it. They can't screw it up as much as they did with X-2, right? One can only hope. And speaking of Hope, I SINCERELY wish that he/she (I'm not truly convinced of him being a male yet) will not appear in the sequel. He has earned the honour of being the number one on my list of the most annoying characters in gaming history. Everytime I hear him whine I feel like I lose a part of my sanity.
...Ahemm..I apologize about my little outburst to all of the Hope fans out there (though I doubt their existence).

Aand back to the actual game. Altough much is not known about the game yet, it will take place in the same world as it's prequel. Lightning will be the protagonist in this one as well but it will also have a lot of new characters like the mysterious male in the teaser trailer. The battle system is said to be an improved version of the old one.

FF XIII-2 will be released this winter and here's a link to the game's website.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Another Final Fantasy, huh? You might be thinking that are FFs the only games I like, but I can assure you that this is not the case. ;)

FF Versus XIII will also be set within the same world as the original FF XIII. However, it will have entirely different characters and it's story won't be related to XIII either.

One of the things I'm really looking forward to about this game is it's gameplay which seems really interesting. Square Enix has said that it will be a more realistic version of Kingdom Heart's gameplay and it will have elements of a third-person shooter. It will also have a real-time event system, meaning that the environment might suddenly change as you play. For example a plane might crash into the road.

Another great thing it will have is the return of the world map! (So nostalgic!) Those who have played the FF games before FFX should remember this amazing thing. I have missed it so much :').
The airship that you can control around the world map will be back as well.

Sadly Squeenix has said that we shouldn't wait for this game too excitedly because it won't be released in a long time. It will probably be released late 2012 or even later.
But while waiting you should definitely check it's trailer out though: The graphics look great, don't they? It's amazing how much Squeenix has improved over the years.

Persona 5

And the last but by no means the least is Persona 5. However, the only thing known about it is that it is currently being developed. No release dates or anything have been announced but I have heard rumours about it being released this year. I really hope the rumours are true.

If you like console RPGs like me and you haven't played Persona games yet, you should definitely try them or at least Persona 3 and/or 4. Their plots are truly amazing and come with a lot of surprises. A lot of REALLY surprising surprises. Not to mention the character designs which are great as well.



  1. Massive fan of the original XIII, can't wait =D

    And I agree, Hope fans are probably non-existant =p

  2. I might skip XIII and go straight to Versus. That game seems to interest me more than anything else, along with Persona 5.

  3. I'm big fan of FFVII but i think that next games are also good.

  4. I like console RPGs but haven't tried any FFs, except some old ones with emulator. Maybe it's time to change that.

  5. FFXIII will blow my head off, i just know it

  6. DO WANT
    im an RPG nut myself
    following, check my out at

  7. Nice. Awesome game.

  8. My freind is a real FF maniac and so I played some of them, but I must say I prefer the movies.

  9. There's been a loooot of controversy over this Final Fantasy Versus XIII game man :D I like your content, sign me up :)

  10. I'm leaning more towards Persona 5.

  11. I've really turned off the last few Final Fantasy games, in my eyes the series ended after Final Fantasy X

  12. Final Fantasy 13 really let me down. If Versus is a letdown as well, I'm gonna call it quits for that series. It's a shame because FF12 and the Ivalice series was so awesome.

  13. didn't know about Persona yet good tip thank you +followed

  14. Completely lost faith in FF the last one was terrible bring it back to the old style

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