Monday, October 10, 2011

BetaField 3

Sup, been a long time again.

As I now have some free time at my hands I decided to unload some short thoughts of the upcoming Battlefield 3 game. This is the first time I'm talking 'bout a game that's still unreleased I think. (Minecraft doesn't count 'cos that bastard will probably still be in beta in the year 2020.  >:0)

Aaaaanyway, most people of the fps tribe are probably having a group hard-on playing the BF3 beta. While it is extremely glitchy and laggy on occasion the amount of epicness seems to be added in just the right places.

Most people are likely to just talk about the beautiful graphics and such, but man... The sounds of everything happening around you, all the little details, is the one that makes me have to take the extra laundry day for my pants.

The sound of hundeds of bullets colliding on different material and whistling past you, the ground and foliage shaking explosions... Feels good to have a new headset


  1. in times like this, i cry myself to sleep because i broke my new motherboard and have to play on my old laptop knowing games like bf3 will never run on that old thing

  2. Now, I played BF3, and I just dont really like the Beta, maybe that's cause I palyed it on the sexbox, but I'll try it out once its released

  3. Only somewhat related (since I'm talking about something you mentioned parenthetically in your post)...

    Minecraft should be fully released within forty days.

  4. I want to play it. (: