Sunday, October 16, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic - The next big MMO?

So, just wondering how many people will start playing this game as soon as it's launched? Atleast with all the attention in the internet it has gathered and with all the hype, it seems SW:TOR might be the next big MMO.

I mean the Star Wars series as a whole has a HUGE fanbase, everyone knows the basic lore (who hasn't watched the movies?) - arent these the making of a succesful game? Atleast well-targeted. And planned:

For all you that didn't know this already, SW:TOR was announced in 2008 and almost finished gameplay was released in 2009. The release was delayed though, which was a really smart move.

If you youtube search gameplay from 2009 and 2011 you'll see that the animation and overall graphics have really improved; something that sets it away from the WoW generation of MMOs. By waiting for technology to advance and fine-tuning the game, Bioware really did a great job by the looks of it. Here's a comparison video, which isn't the best quality, but it'll have to do.

But the setting is what makes it stand out from the masses. Maybe it is the time for the fantasy genre to leave its throne? We'll see what happens in December.

My launch rush MMO is still Dark Millennium, you ain't getting me Bioware...

Atleast not yet


  1. I think it'll have a shitton of subscribers for the first 4-5 months, then slowly dwindle down and die. Sad, but it's typical for any huge MMO release

  2. actually.... i have to agree with BDTC. It will most likely end like that :/

  3. I want to play it!!